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Here at Grandparents On The Move, Inc, we see the value and worth in everyone.

Our non-traditional educational programs are offered throughout the year and are geared toward improving the quality of life based on real life altering learning experiences.  Some of our core programs will be:

  • Bullying both in School and Online - This is the very first program that we began with at Marion Law Academy which was a great success for the children and parents.

  • Etiquette Classes - The class was a big hit with the children.  Showing respect and kindness to everyone around you is what the class teaches.  We generally have a big dinner once the classes are complete so that the children so they can demonstrate what they have learned. 

  • Money Management Classes - This class teaches the importance of How to manage money on a Tight Budget, How to Build and leave a legacy for your Family, How to Start a Retirement Plan, How to Start Saving $1 at a time.  There are different classes that will be scheduled weekly.

  • Paths to Success Classes- How to create a Resume, Get to Know Microsoft for Beginners, How to create an email address, Properly filling out an online application, Be a Big Hit at your Interview.  How to prepare a Memo or Letter properly. These classes change according to the need of the community.  

  • Cyber Crimes - How to protect your personal Information Online, How to Stop Online Bullying,  Watch out for Online Predators, Websites that are Not Safe for Children, How to monitor your children's social media and apps. 

  • Life Skills Classes - Parenting 101 is designed to assist new parents with basic skills to care for their new baby once they leave the hospital.  Understanding Good Housekeeping, Anyone can be a victim of Sex Trafficking and Why Everyone is not a Friend.  

  • Make Your Next Opportunity - Entrepreneurial Classes that help dreams become reality.  

Check our Upcoming Events page for all educational classes and workshops.  

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